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Sara B. --- Jerusalem, 2006

Collusion with Terrorists


PeterS said...
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PeterS said...

I found this picture while going through Sara's portable drive today. It was taken last year in Jerusalem and presents incontestable evidence that she conspired and met with terrorists during her time there. This last sentence is satire.

Andrew T. said...

No, of course those Palestinian children are not terrorists. In fact they might not even be Muslims. Read: they are almost certainly innocent of any conspiracy against any group of innocent Israelis, although a fraction of Palestinian Muslims, largely funded by surrounding countries, are part of the anti-Israeli insurgency.

PeterS said...

Hello Andrew,

That's one of my points. Note, though, that there are Palestinian Muslims and Christians who have engaged in terrorism--so the crime is not unique to Muslims only.

Tandi said...

Hello Peter,

You might want to add a link to since your goal is to provide “objective, impartial review....germane to affairs in the Middle East.” Your list is getting a bit lopsided. Here is one myth-buster taken from “Myths and Facts Online: Human Rights in Israel and the Territories.


"Israel discriminates against its Arab citizens."


Israel is one of the most open societies in the world. Out of a population of 6.7 million, about 1.3 million — 20 percent of the population — are non-Jews (approximately 1.1 million Muslims, 130,000 Christians and 100,000 Druze).1

Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights; in fact, it is one of the few places in the Middle East where Arab women may vote. Arabs currently hold 8 seats in the 120-seat Knesset. Israeli Arabs have also held various government posts, including one who served as Israel's ambassador to Finland and the current deputy mayor of Tel Aviv. Oscar Abu Razaq was appointed Director General of the Ministry of Interior, the first Arab citizen to become chief executive of a key government ministry. Ariel Sharon's original cabinet included the first Arab minister, Salah Tarif, a Druze who served as a minister without portfolio. An Arab is also a Supreme Court justice.

Arabic, like Hebrew, is an official language in Israel. More than 300,000 Arab children attend Israeli schools. At the time of Israel's founding, there was one Arab high school in the country. Today, there are hundreds of Arab schools.2

In 2002, the Israeli Supreme Court also ruled that the government cannot allocate land based on religion or ethnicity, and may not prevent Arab citizens from living wherever they choose.2a

The sole legal distinction between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel is that the latter are not required to serve in the Israeli army. This is to spare Arab citizens the need to take up arms against their brethren. Nevertheless, Bedouins have served in paratroop units and other Arabs have volunteered for military duty. Compulsory military service is applied to the Druze and Circassian communities at their own request.

Some economic and social gaps between Israeli Jews and Arabs result from the latter not serving in the military. Veterans qualify for many benefits not available to non-veterans. Moreover, the army aids in the socialization process.

On the other hand, Arabs do have an advantage in obtaining some jobs during the years Israelis are in the military. In addition, industries like construction and trucking have come to be dominated by Israeli Arabs.

Although Israeli Arabs have occasionally been involved in terrorist activities, they have generally behaved as loyal citizens. During the 1967, 1973 and 1982 wars, none engaged in any acts of sabotage or disloyalty. Sometimes, in fact, Arabs volunteered to take over civilian functions for reservists. During the outbreak of violence in the territories that began in September 2000, Israeli Arabs for the first time engaged in widespread protests with some violence.

The United States has been independent for almost 230 years and still has not integrated all of its diverse communities. Even today, 60 years after civil rights legislation was adopted, discrimination has not been eradicated. It should not be surprising that Israel has not solved all of its social problems in only 57 years.

Here is another thought-provoking report that came out today. This is from

Arab Gaza Not Faring Well
1 Elul 5767, 15 August 07 03:21
by Hillel Fendel

( A public opinion survey carried out in Gaza shows that Hamas rule there has not made its populace very happy. Carried out by a Norwegian agency and published this week by the Palestinian Authority's Wafa news agency, the poll shows the following numbers:

51% of the residents say they do not have the medicines they need (compared with 36% last month).

42% of Gaza's residents suffer from a shortage of food (compared with 34% last month). A clear disparity is found between Fatah and Hamas supporters: Among Fatah supporters, more than half say they do not have enough food, while the rate is 23% among Hamas sympathizers.

Poverty rates continue to rise as well: 71% of Gaza's residents live below the poverty line, and more than half of these are described as living in "severe poverty." Unemployment stands at 22% - though it is only 14% among those who support Hamas.

Over 4/5 of Gaza's businessmen and shop owners say they face grave difficulties in receiving necessary raw materials.

Freedom of speech is becoming more and more hard to come by in Hamas-controlled Gaza, sometimes known as Hamastan: 53% said they cannot freely express themselves under Hamas rule. Just yesterday (Tuesday), 300 Fatah supporters had to brave beatings and bans by Hamas officials just to conduct a protest demonstration.

And the bottom line: 40% of Gaza's residents say they would like to leave if they could. This is true for more than half of Fatah supporters, and only one-eighth of Hamas sympathizers.

Rampant Stagnation
Meanwhile, the promise that with the Jews gone, Gaza's Arabs would finally be able to thrive remains unfulfilled. Construction work on 300 new homes in the sand dunes next to the former Jewish town of Rafiah Yam - the only such project in all of Gaza - merely paints in strong relief the stagnation everywhere else.

Gaza's airport and seaport, both of which were supposed to be the gateways to a "Middle East Singapore" according to Gaza visionaries, are now standing empty and, in the case of the airport, largely destroyed.

A New York Times article this past February stated, "The Israeli withdrawal [from Gaza in 2005] raised Palestinian hopes for new homes, schools and businesses, and an easing of the overcrowding in the Gaza Strip... But internal Palestinian turmoil, the conflict with Israel and a lack of money have kept the abandoned settlements looking almost exactly as they were the day the Israelis left" - namely, piles of rubble.

The only structures standing in almost all of the former Jewish towns are booths for the armed guards who are there to keep their fellow Arabs out. In addition, the many greenhouses Israel left behind sit ruined or idle, a sad reminder of the thousands of agricultural jobs they once were thought to offer Arabs in Gaza.

Violence on All Sides
Hamas troops clashed with a local clan in Gaza on Tuesday, leading to two dead and 30 wounded. The local clan, known as the Dormush, is responsible for the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and BBC reporter Alan Johnston; the latter was held for four months before being released last month.

Also Tuesday, IDF troops engaged in anti-terrorism activity in Gaza killed 11 terrorists and possibly two civilians. They also arrested 100 suspected terrorists, and confiscated a host of weapons and equipment. Among the dead were six Islamic Jihad terrorists in an Israel Air Force strike in Khan Yunis, near the former site of N'vei Dekalim, and two Hamas terrorists nearby.

Possibly the only bright spot for Hamas is its military capabilities. Confirming intelligence reports, IDF troops who took part in Tuesday's fighting said afterwards that Hamas fought more like a real army than ever before, with a full-fledged command hierarchy, radio communication and military deployment.

Population Density
Contrary to popular conception, Gaza is far from the most densely-populated area in the world. Statistics from 2005 indicate that Singapore and Hong Kong both have more than twice as many people per square kilometer, while Cairo is nearly ten times more densely populated than Gaza. Calcutta and Manila are 12 and 13 times more densely populated than Gaza, respectively.

May Israel hold early elections and may Netanyahu become God’s man for the times and come up with wise solutions for the problems facing Israel and the Palestinian Arabs of goodwill. May the boys in the picture grow up to know, love, and serve the God of Israel without hatred in their heart for their Jewish cousins.

And may you not turn into Uri in chapter 39 of Milkweed through association with Pro-Palestinian activism.

"Sociology is a hard hitter when it comes to the way we live out our faith. The people around us dictate our convictions." (FFOZ Conference notes)

Return, thou backsliding Israel, saith the LORD; and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you: for I am merciful, saith the LORD, and I will not keep anger for ever. Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou hast transgressed against the LORD thy God....and ye have not obeyed My voice, saith the LORD. Turn, O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion: And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Jeremiah 3:12-15

Andrew T. said...


I concur with Tandi that you should also add a link to the Jewish Encyclopedia and such. I personally wouldn't want another intifada, online or off.

The piece Tandi is quoting from does include a lot of factual information, but it may also be leaving some important information out as to HOW and WHY those facts are where they are that would give readers a more complete picture. Devil's in the details.

Daniel said...

All the innocence in the world is not going to save those who sing the praises of the Dome of the Rock from the wrath of God against that place....

That is the center of attention in the picture is it not?

We will continue this argument after the dome is gone.

PeterS said...


From the perspectives of the Jewish Scriptures, the absence of the Mikdash (Temple) is a symbol of divine displeasure. In this you are correct. However, the displeasure is not against the host possessors of the makon mikdash (sight of the Temple) but rather against the original tenants for their disobedience against the suzerain. That is, the displeasure is directed toward the Jews for their apostasies and not against the agents of divine dissatisfaction.

A great irony can be found in this... from the perspective of the Jewish Scriptures, the Muslims are better and more appropriate property managers than Christians. Why? Muslims do not defile the makon mikdash with pollutions of idols, swine, menstruants, etc. Muslims also adhere to the basic tenets of taharah (ritual purity) while Christians have all but completely forgone the literal application of ritual purity.

Your dissatisfaction against the Muslim is sad. Five, ten, twenty, thirty years from know the Dome will still be standing unless fanatics gain hegemony. As this happens, what will happen to your biblio-chronology? What will happen when we find the Dome still standing after this Fall? The overwhelming likelihood is that it will still be standing.

Daniel said...


You are most greatly mistaken that God's wrath will not be directed against the agents of his wrath against Israel.
Did not God destroy the Neo-Babyloneans after he used it to chastize Israel? Any people that makes itself the willing instrument of God's wrath against Israel will be destroyed with a greater judgement.
That will be the doom of the Muslim states allied against Israel.
Wait, and you will see.

PeterS said...

Hello Tandi,

The facts presented are largely bogus. Israel aggressively discriminates against its Arab minorities. To say otherwise is to distort the realities in favor of Western-power-nexus serving myth. Israel and the United States want the Palestinian Arabs to live in neo-colonial dependence on them. They will not permit Palestinian nationalism to allow the Palestinians to exercise autonomy or democracy.

The reality is that Israel and the United States refuse to apply the same standards to themselves that they apply to others. The corporate monster and its puppet polities reign as the zombie masses swallow and wallow in the corporate cum. I know that is is a foul pictures, but if Jeremiah is content with using misogynistic images of sluts and women in heat, then I think it okay for me to use a less than soft image.

Tandi said...

Hello Peter,

Your demons are manifesting. Keep reading the inspired Book of Jeremiah! I am praying for your full and complete deliverance.

"And I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear Me for ever, for the good of them, and of their children after them: And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from them, to do them good; but I will put My fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from Me."

Jeremiah 32:39-40

Andrew T. said...


The United States government, a representative republic, is no more puppet-run by corporations than it is by religions. A corporation is a large multi-faceted contract between various owners whose chief function is the productive attainment of capital and commodities. The government's task is to provide a rule of law within a specified geographical area, accountable to a matrix of checks and balances, against enactments of injustice including fraud and violence that may be initiated by various individuals or groups of individuals. It also offers several basic features of infrastructure, such as fire and police departments, that capital enterprises can not be realistically relied upon to unequivocally provide. Coercive hub socialism, not liberty, is what creates stagnation and "zombies" (if it is ever fair to describe individual thinking humans that way).

The solution to Israeli's quagmire largely consists of non-interventionism and peaceful liberty for every Jewish-Israeli and Arab-Israeli.

Seipher Yirmeyahu's sexual imagery is not paralleled by your muddled ranting.