Monday, December 17, 2007

Belated Announcement....

You may notice, if you look closely, that there is a piece of brilliance on the finger of the alluringly beautiful woman in this picture. Well, I gave this to her, and she responded in the affirmative. Those familiar with Western culture will know what this means...


dutch kleopatra said...

Peter, congratulations on your engagement! That sure is one lucky woman...

Tandi said...

Treat him well, Sara. I will still be caring about always. Though one-sided (and with God’s supernatural grace in my heart) I will continue to be his “forever friend.” Nothing Peter does can change that. Sort of like God’s love for His wayward children (see Hosea).

I will not cease to pray for him and to desire that he be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding...... (Colossians 1:9)

May all things work together for good!

Andrew T. said...

Well, this is certainly a surprise.

I want you both to live happy lives with one another.

And always remember to put the children first.

Tandi said...

This public announcement marks another watershed moment in Peter’s life journey. In spiritual metaphor, I interpret it thus.....

Peter has drifted to the dark side, which Sara represents. The “alluringly beautiful” has “captivated” and “beguiled” an unstable soul (2 Peter 2:14).

One year ago today, Peter posted this autobiographical poem as part of his series on his near conversion to Orthodox Judaism. I find it hopeful (from my point of view) that a chat room, an apologetics book, and a story about a stork (chasidah) were helpful in dissuading him from going through with the conversion.

Kol tuv, Peter, my friend. You know how to reach me if you need me....and you know how to reach God if you need Him.


Find entrance to the narrow gate

Through which find the waters living

Forgo Him, Oh! A dreaded fate
Embrace Him now, the Oft Forgiving.

Others have a wall erected
Through ordinances that set a limit
Zealously a well protected

To keep away the thirsty admit.

This thirsty soul bore the weight

Sought from this well the guarded giving
And rather found a fleeting bait
All this to his own misgiving.

For this well, the Lord rejected

Idols in his heart did sit

The liberating Word deflected
Self-charmed by trust in wit.

Forsaken was the freeing yoke
For promise of a purer well
Forbidden fire did he stoke
A piety of rote to lull.

Burden heavy, nigh to croak

Beneath the weight, which on him fell

God the scaffold was wont to poke

To make the burden twice a hell.

‘Neath the weight, finally broken
Chastised son, His praises tell
Of the gate that was forsaken
Yea, the Lord, this trial to quell.

Burden lifted, Spirit freeing
On my knees, His presence new
Commandments with new eyes seeing
Life infused, so free to do.

My comments at the time....

Maureen said...

Awesome composition! 

May these words be an inspiration and comfort, especially to someone who may think it is too late to return to the “Oft Forgiving” God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I have found in my life that recognizing and repenting of the idols in my heart has resulted in this new infusion of life that you speak of, along with a renewed, joyful ability to walk in God’s ways. Salvation is not a one-time event at a church altar or bedside, but an ongoing, renewable relationship with the LORD. Our spiritual lives ebb and flow; the fire sometimes burns low. We must come to the “Oft Forgiving” again and again. Not that we walk in willful sin as true believers, but we get off the narrow path somehow and find ourselves in the thicket or ditch, from whence we call upon the LORD for rescue once again. Yeshua would much prefer to come to our rescue now than be our Judge later.

Andrew T. said...


You don't know whether or not Sara is the "dark side" in Peter's life. She might even be his hope. Frankly, it's weird to say things like that to people you would consider a friend.

Hehe, I had no idea that "social justice" was a college major.

Tandi said...

Hello Andrew,

The danger of communicating in poetic metaphor is the danger of being misunderstood. I am hoping Peter will understand this. He used to understand me quite well when others did not. That is one thing that drew me to him like a magnet. We both love words.

I did not write this to say something sinister about Sara.

Think deeper!