Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sara N ' Me


Andrew T. said...

Looks like someone is a Smashing Pumpkins fan. Or uses Photoshop.

Tandi said...

Hello Peter,

Ah, the Yul Brynner look (The King and I)....and Sara, the exotic Dutch Kleopatra!

This time your heritage looks Greek to me. Every picture portrays you differently. Your eyes look very kind and benevolent in this one.

I looked up Yul Brynner on Wikipedia. He was one of my favorite actors. I found this interesting tidbit:

“Towards the end of his life he contracted trichinosis and subsequently sued Trader Vic's restaurant in the Plaza Hotel in New York City for serving him undercooked pork, from which, allegedly, he caught the disease.”

And dispensationalist Christians say God cleansed the unclean swine! Not true. Hope you are still keeping kosher these days.

Tandi said...

Peter, I need another Hebrew transliteration if you find some time. This is the verse I would like to sing in Hebrew....

This is the day the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)

Will you be grading my Hebrew alignment assignment soon? I've got the tune, but so far I can only sing/pray the first two lines. : )

Kol tuv,


PeterS said...

Hello Tandi,

I knew that there was something I owed you.....I will get to that assignment soon. Sorry for the delay.

PeterS said...

Hello Andrew,

I do like Smashing Pumpkins, but I do not know much about them. What are you referring to in your statement. No Photoshop was used in this pictures. I am very curious to know what type of correlation might exist.

Andrew T. said...

Smashing Pumpkins: It resembles the darker and more subdued look the band adopted during their 1998 album "Adore".

Photoshop: Somehow you managed to get a picture that was almost completely black and white, except for the rose which is a bright red.

PeterS said...

Hey Andrew,

I see what you are saying now. Actually, Sara's camera has the ability to selectively allow assigned colors. She has some really nice pictures with blue that highlight the blue of her eyes. She did red on this one. Aside from this color trick, this photo is original. This is the goon that you talk with :-).