Monday, May 12, 2008

Deap in the waters of Baldwin Lake...

I caught this gal sun bathing on the banks of a central Michigan lake in late April. She had just positioned herself out of the water where I had seen here a few hours before. Catching turtles like this is one of my specialties.


Tandi said...

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the pictures. I am smiling. : )

Animal Planet needs to contact you. You could be the next Steve Irwin.

“The Turtle Hunter!”

The articulate vocabulary you would demonstrate in describing the natural world would be memorable.

Consider YouTube!

Atheist Okie said...

Sorry it took so long for me to approve your comment on my site. My Dell laptop just went capute (the screen and hard drive were failing. In fact, I bought a new monitor and am trying to get stuff off the laptop now, however, I never backed up my stuff, so I lost all my personal photos, treasured documents, etc. after Staples attempted to salvage something. Very heart-breaking. Hopefully, I'll be back in full swing in the next week or two.

Andrew T. said...

Hello Jamie,

Always back up your most important laptop files on a USB drive. They're not expensive.