Friday, July 18, 2008

Peter & Sara in the Crystal River During a Rain Shower


PeterS said...

photo credit: Daniel J Pesta (

PeterS said...

In case it is not immediately apparent, Sara is wearing her wedding dress while sitting on a partially submerged log in a river. Notice the rain falling into the river, and, though this might not be visible, observe the mosquitoes river companions or the goose bump indicators of how cold the river was.

Sara won a contest with Daniel J Pesta -- our wedding photographer -- to participate in a Trash-the-Dress photo shoot. Early mornings in Lake Michigan, sunsets on the dunes, mid-day bog trudges, you name it -- Sara's wedding dress went through several outdoor extremes and proved surprisingly resilient (both Sara and the dress). There are many more photos to come from this photo shoot in addition to our wedding photos which have yet to be released. Will keep you updated.

Tandi said...

Hello Peter,

This picture looks like a scene from a movie....maybe a remake of Bogart's African Queen.

When will you write again? A picture tells a thousand words....but, in your case, a thousand words can paint a picture.

I think you should start a new blog with a new perspective.

Write soon!

Cack Man said...

Hi Peter:

I still say this pic looks like the siren scene from "O, Brother Where Art Thou?".