Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Happens When You Are Married to the Swamp Thing


PeterS said...

Picture 1: The swamp creature emerges from his aqueous lair.

Picture 2: He hurls his protective head crest.

Picture 3: Impact and success!

Photo Credit: Daniel J Pesta (, no doubt the best wedding and special event photographer I will ever meet. These were taken during a post-wedding trash-the-dress photo session.

Tandi said...

I would love to see the next picture in sequence...the expression on Sara's face after being hit with "green pond grass, black river bottom, twigs, and snails." Was she still smiling? That would be a little bit "over the top" for me...even in swamp monster mode. If there is a contest for wildest trash-the-dress photo, you will probably win. Did others engage in such bizarre behavior at the shoot? I have always thought of you as unique and different than the mainstream. I was right! : )

PeterS said...

Hello Tandi,

These are all the pictures we have of this sequence. I am looking forward to the remainder as I know there are several with river residue pasted on Sara, and I am sure there is an end-sequence photo of the aftermath of the swamp thing attack. Daniel said the timing was perfect. It was overcast and raining during the shoot--the best of conditions, and, he said, he had two people willing to be so perfectly crazy.

I think that we were the most bizarre of the participants. Of interest, Sara was as much into this whole swamp-thing as I was. Sara was also the only bride who fully submerged herself in the frigid Lake Michigan waters at sunrise in her wedding dress. Though the whole river bottom and pond grass thing is a bit of my personality, the whole "elegance in the swamp" or "elegance in the frigid waters" is all Sara.

Thank you for your feedback.