Friday, November 5, 2010

Top Five Challenges to "Creationist Geology" from a Creationist

I highly recommend the following article:

The New Creationism Blog
Top-Five Challenges for Creationist Geology

In the above article young-earth creationist and author Paul Garner discloses the "top five" challenges from the empirical geological world to creationism. Can you guess which two of these challenges sunk Noah's Flood for me as a viable paradigm to explain Earth's geology?


Edward T. Babinski said...

Hi, I'm an ex-creationist, now agnostic. I had an article published on The Cosmology of the Bible. I'm sending out hard copies upon request. Or you can check it out inside the recently published book, The Christian Delusion.

I also suggest the recent book, The Human Faces of God by Thom Stark.

Peter said...

Hey Edward,

It is an honor to have you post here. I know who you are, and I have enjoyed your online writings about the Bible and evolution for the last five years or more. I will post a link to your blog/website.

Anonymous said...
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Fizlowski said...

I know you and I have talked about #1 The Heat Problem before. How does billions of years worth of radioactive decay happen in a young earth without burning the world to cinders? What reason would there even be for accelerated decay in the first place?

I'm not sure what the other reason is that "sank the flood" for you. For my money, #2 biostratigraphy is a strong refutation of the flood. The correlation of fossils to rock strata simply could not happen so consistently as the result of a flood. It'd be like shaking a jar of jelly beans and having all the individual colors settle into their own layers.

Peter said...

Hey Fizz!

You are correct about number 2. Biostratigraphy is a huge problem for creationists. They propose such concepts as tectonically-active biological provinces (TAB), ecological zonation, differential escape, hydrological sorting, biothermal placement, etc. etc. but not one can explain the incredible precision of biostratigraphy. Why, for example, is not just one blade of grass found in the Jurassic or just one, just one, bony fish in the Cambrian? Why not just one, just one trace fossil, of a flower to be found in the Carboniferous? Why not a cetacean in the Cretaceous? Like you illustrate, shake a jar a jelly beans, you do not get color sorted layers.

The second issue that sank Noah's Ark was the presence of in-sutu fossils requiring time to deposit. Examples of this include biological structures that evidence the advancement of biological succession requiring thousands of years between depositions. Unless God decided to suspend time for thousands and at times millions of years between flood waves, such frequent events are inexplicable.

Number 1...yes, we have discussed this, but it was a later issue for me. If all, or at least the vast majority, of the nuclear decay we see in the geological record happened in less than a year, the Earth would no longer exist---we would have burned to oblivion.

But, for those willing to invoke miracles to no end....there is no issue here. And, the arbitrary determinant for the miracles that they accept and those they reject is the accident of their birth.