My writings about the Bible with emphasis on bible-science compatibility, translation, hermeneutics, and biblical criticism.

Robert Price and Jesus in Jewish Context
What place does reading the Gospels against a presumed Jewish cultural background offer? Some thoughts from Robert Price.

Ecclesiastes and Agnostic Destinies 
An exploration of what we really "know" about the afterlife and the wisdom of Ecclesiastes in the Hebrew Bible.

Psychological-Referential Revelation and Ethical Development
Through a case study comparison of retrograde ethics in the Pentateuch and the Quran, I suggest Knight's model of conditioned revelation.

Holiness as Racism
The Pentateuch defines holiness as separation based on ethnicity and as such promotes racism.

Creation ex nihilio is not found in Genesis 1:1-2.  

The doctrine of biblical inerrancy, as pointed out by Robert Price, is used to prevent the believer from critical biblical study and so reinforces existing beliefs.  

A positive view of the role of myth in world scriptures.

A criticism of English Bible translation and an attempt to show how translation changes meaning.

Written twenty-four hours before my mother died (though not relevant to the topic), this post addresses how translation changes meaning.