Though with less frequency than I might, I enjoy writing about theology.  With time I might increase my theology posts, but the following are a sampling of what I have percolating upstairs.

Psychological-Referential Revelation and Ethical Development
Here is alternative way to understand revelation apart from conventional categories of inerrancy--a way that allows for authentic ethical development within scriptures.  An example is developed from the Quran and one from the Pentateuch.

Houses to Dwell In
My theological and atheistic transience explained in relationship to my personality.

Gods of Wood and Stone...and Paper and Ink
A critique of bibliolatry.

Embodied Reality & Agnosticism
A reminder of the contra-platonic reality that humans and human knowledge is entirely situated.  We are what we know; we know what we are.

Is there a God? Is there Mind?
The question of God's existence can be rephrased as whether mind can or does exist before matter -- something that would stand contrary to what we know about the physical word.

Truth and Remythologizing God
Placing God back into the healthy and vibrant category of living myth and metaphor.

A Theological Critique of the Virgin Birth
Is the idea of the saving God who intervenes at will helpful to theodicy?  This link explores reasons why the virgin birth is theologically unsatisfying to a doctrine of the incarnation.

Does Acts 10 present a paradigmatic example of how Christians are to forgo received and “biblical” categories in response to the “new light” of experience?  

Though a central and Judeo-Christian-Islamic tenet, creation from nothing (ex nihilio) is not found in Genesis 1.  What does this mean for theology?

In the face of the artificial dichotomy that Creationists make between “biblical creation” and evolution, I present a theologically mature paradigm for accepting evolution modeled largely after what I have learned from process and open theologies.